UV Oiled Floors – Maintenance and Scratches

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The great thing about the Royal Oak, Silver Oak and SQR collections is that they are UV Oiled. It has great natural properties where the oil is cured and crystalized in the wood, so scratches don’t look as obvious as they would on a urethane finish. And unlike natural oiled wood floors, re-oiling is not necessary because the cured oil does not evaporate. But should you have the need to help your floors looking great, here are some notes:

Scratch Maintenance:
We get calls here and there about what stains one should use to repair scratches on their new floors injured by the big move or from their fury friend’s un-trimmed nails. Recently we sat down with boxes of touch up stain markers and filler sticks to test colors that match our Royal Oak and Silver Oak collections. There are so many stains out there, we went on a mission to find the simplest way to touch up little scratches with the least amount of mess. If you have a big area that needs re-touch work, please consult a professional that can come see the damage before you try things out.

Quick Note on Cleaning:
When it comes to cleaning, there is a lot of advice out there on the internet with a lot of DIY cleaner formulas. But don’t be tempted until you read our cleaning instructions! Remember that you are dealing with wood floors. Wood does not like moisture. You’re also dealing with finished wood. Finishes are different from manufacturer to manufacturer. What we recommend is sweeping or vacuuming regularly before you introduce any moisture to your floors. If your D&M UV Oiled floors need a bit more of a pick-me-up, you can use the Royal Oak Hydro Cleaner and Protector from your retailer or on our Maintenance Page.

Please remember to go through all of the recommendations and instructions before working on your floor to ensure great results. For a list of floor colors and their matching touch up markers and a how to video, and detailed care and cleaning instructions please refer to our Technical page.

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