Internet Sales Policy

D&M Flooring products purchased online are not covered by the manufacturer warranty

D&M Flooring is proud to offer engineered wood flooring products of the highest quality with superior customer service. In order to maintain our high standards, D&M Flooring products are sold exclusively through a network of authorized dealers. It is critical that our customers have the full protection of our distributor-dealer network. Without the proper chain of custody, the consumer is at risk of purchasing a damaged product, bait and switch knockoffs or misrepresentations. Also under the terms of D&M Flooring Internet Sales Policy, retailers are expressly prohibited from promoting prices or selling online.

For this reason, we are unable to honor warranty claims for products sold over the Internet, nor can we accept returns for any such products, including products sold over web-based auctions, telephone or other electronic means. D&M Flooring will also not honor warranty claims without prior inspection of the floor by the original retailer. A retailer will provide proof of purchase from their local distributor, indicating that the material purchased was first quality D&M Flooring product. Should the retailer be unable to resolve the warranty issue, a follow-up must be scheduled with the local distributor and attended by the retailer, as well as the installation professional that installed the floor.

Your Flooring Warranty is protected at our authorized dealer

To qualify as an Authorized Dealer, a store must be registered and in good standing with the local distributor and feature current displays of D&M Flooring product. Authorized D&M Flooring Dealers have the expertise to advise and educate consumers considering a D&M Flooring hardwood floor purchase. Authorized D&M Flooring Dealers have the ability to evaluate the needs of each consumer, present potential flooring options from our range of hardwood floor product lines and wood floor collections with floor samples that better reflect their color and character than that of internet floor images and graphics.

Because flooring is a significant investment, we recommend that you take the time to visit your local authorized D&M Flooring retailer for the best possible service experience before, during and after your purchase. A professional installation and service from an authorized D&M Flooring dealer will go a long way toward ensuring the long-term quality of your new floor as well as your satisfaction of the product in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and codes, and in a manner that addresses safety concerns and the proper performance of D&M Flooring brand.

If you are having trouble locating a dealer in your area please contact us at +1 (310) 988-1900 and we will be glad to direct you to either information on dealers in your area or to a distributor that services your area to help you.